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UPDATE from the board! (9/2/2017)

EV HOA Board is pleased to announce that Cities Management will be our new Property Manager starting October 1st, 2017.

Since the Emergency EV HOA meeting on 07/06/2017, the board met many times during which multiple HOA management companies were interviewed and one was chosen to manage.  Using a Q&A format, here are more details about that process:

  1. 1) Why did we decide to hire a different HOA management company?

The members of EV-HOA made it abundantly clear that they wanted to fire Durand & Associates and hire a different management company during the emergency meeting.  The Board was in full agreement, but also realized that firing Durand & Associates immediately would create an operational vacuum, so we felt it was prudent to stay with Durand until a new property manager could be hired.

  1. 2) How many property management organizations did we talk to?

We talked to five and formally interviewed three.

  1. 3) What criteria did we use to choose the new management company?

Criteria included financial security/fraud protection, reputation, responsiveness, board training classes, purchasing power, website capabilities, and of course cost.  In the end, Cities Management not only provided the most services but also came in at the lowest cost.  It also costs less than Durand & Associates did while providing more services.  Here are some of the highlights:

-A) Low monthly management fee of $1,500 (D&A was $1,733)

-B) Web access to the association members where you will be able to manage your account and pay your bills online (not available with D&A)

-C) A comprehensive and interactive Eagle Valley HOA web page at no additional cost to the association unlike most other associations that provided a less interactive website for an additional cost of up to $2,500 annually

-D) Free Board training classes are provided.

-E) They are a local subsidiary of a national organization called Associa.  This provides them with access to significant resources as well as gives them strong purchasing power.

On 08/09/2017 the Board met to finalize and hire a new property management company.  The criteria mentioned above were discussed and the choice was clear.  A motion was made by Dan Contreras, Board President, to hire Cities Management; it was seconded by Doug Tigges.  All voted in favor.

On 08/16/2017 the Board met with Cities Management to sign a 3-year contract, meet the new EV-HOA manager, and discuss transition details/future meeting dates.  Starting on 09/01/2017, Cities Management will reach out to Durand & Associates to initiate the transfer process including EV-HOA member’s records and vendor’s information.

Members can expect a package from Cities Management Company around Sept 20-23 to introduce themselves to homeowners.  This packet will include information on how to access the website and set up your account.

In other news, we have submitted all documentation requested by the insurance company.  The total claim amount is $198,600.  Still, no timeline has been shared with us on when we might expect this claim to be processed.

This will be the Board’s last communication we make via this website.  We look forward to using the new website in October and seeing you all at the Annual Meeting Tuesday December 5th at 7:00.


UPDATE from the board! (8/16/2017)

Here is an update on what has been happening since July 22nd.

  • Hopefully, everyone received a postcard in the mail regarding the amount of 2018 Dues we’ve received so far. About 200 homes have paid…thank you! We ask that the rest of the homeowners (300) pay as soon as possible.
  • Our claim with American Family to recover our stolen funds is proceeding at a deliberate pace (some might call it slow). We have very recently received the Proof of Loss document and associated documentation we need to file and are addressing that. Unfortunately, it continues to be the case that no specific timeline has been laid out for when the process will be complete.
  • The EV HOA Board continues to monitor all funds going into and out of our bank account. All payments/withdrawals are being reviewed and must be approved by a Board member.
  • We have finished interviewing several Property Management companies and are now in negotiations with them. You can expect an announcement and more detailed information about this process on Sept 1st.

Thanks for your continued patience as we continue to make progress regarding Eagle Valley’s financial and property management situation.

End of Update from the board (8/16/2017)


UPDATE from the board! (7/22/2017)

Here is an update on what has been happening since the July 6th Eagle Valley Homeowners meeting.

  • As of July 20th, dues have been received from just over 100 homeowners. That is roughly 1/5th of total Eagle Valley Homeowners. The due date for payments is August 1st. If you haven’t sent your payment in yet, please do so by August 1st.
  • As you heard at the July 6th meeting, we have filed a claim with American Family to recover our stolen funds. That process is continuing and included an interview with one of the EV HOA Board members. No specific timeline has been laid out for when the process will be complete.
  • The EV HOA Board continues to monitor all funds going into and out of our bank account. All payments/withdrawals must be approved by a Board member.
  • We are interviewing several Property Management companies. Assuming we can complete those interviews/presentations soon, we will be making a decision in the next couple weeks.

Thanks for your patience as we continue to work through this issue.

End of Update from the board (7/22/2017)


Emergency Board Meeting was held on July 6th at 7:00 PM at the Club House

Some information was shared at the meeting about the Fraud that was committed by an employee of Durand and Associates, what the current situation is, and how it impacts the Eagle Valley Home Owners Association and its members. This website will be used as one way to keep Eagle Valley residents updated on the progress the board is making with respect to this issue. I will send emails when updates are posted to users registered to this site or you can keep checking for more updates at your convenience.

Note: To Register click the ‘logged in’ at the bottom of the page where it shows “You must be logged in to post a comment.” There will be a register option on that form that pops up.

The previously registered users before 7/2/2017 have been cleared due to a spam user registration impacted the site recently and added over 1000 bogus users. The web service provider has installed a tool to prevent that now. You do Not have to register to view the full site, it simply gives me that ability to email you if I have special updates to inform you of them. Registration is completely optional and if you want any special emails of Association Related important news, upcoming meetings etc.

Look for more updates very soon and register if you want an email notification.

Please email jpetschauer.yahoo.com if you have any suggestions for more website content.

Thank you

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  1. GopherTPB says:

    I appreciate the efforts to communicate to the homeowners via this site. I hope these and other fiduciary security measures will lessen the likelihood of such an incident occurring in the future. I would suggest consideration of a nominal (5-10%) discount incentive offered to homeowners who elect to pay the 2018 dues in advance of the 12/31/2017 date This gesture, if sustainable, may help some homeowners know the association appreciates their support during this difficult time. Thank you,

    George M. Brown, 10457 Glen Eagle Circle

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