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These are the two amendments that will be voted upon at the meeting:

Board Expansion to Five Members Proposed Amendment

Eagle Valley Residents Announcement!

We are pleased to announce Eagle Valley residents and board members will be awarded an Environmental Excellence Award from the City of Woodbury for passage to allow solar panels and compost bins. The award will be presented by the mayor and city council at the regular city council meeting at 7pm on November 13th at City Hall. Residents are invited to attend.

Petition Signing

3 petitions will be available for your review and hopefully your support.

Petition #1 – Expanding the size of the Board of Directors

73.4% of residents support expanding the board from it’s current size of three.

The board is asking residents to approve a by-law change to expand the board of directors to five members, the number preferred by 70.7% of survey respondents.

Petition #2 – Allow temporary and occasional parking of boats/trailers/campers in driveways

89.3% of survey respondents indicated support for the relaxation of this outright ban of boat/trailer driveway parking.

Petition #3 – Allow vendor signs in yards while work is actively being performed

86.8% of survey respondents support relaxing of this ban.


Please email jpetschauer@yahoo.com if you want more information or have interest in being on a committee!


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